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How To Lose Weight Fast with Javita

How To Lose Weight Fast with Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea


Here are some tips to get you losing that weight fast without starving yourself and doing those strenuous workouts.

Everyone is different and will have different results of course.

But at least you will have some guidelines to go by that can get you in the right direction.

Drinking Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea daily will help on reaching you ideal weight goal.

Because of how Javita works in your body, eating healthy and regular exercise will just enhance how you body will burn fat.

There is a body composition change that happens as you know when you drink Javita daily.

It helps create that lean muscle and also stops fat from being stored in your body.

You should not only look at your weight but also pay attention to the way your clothes fit.

There are many testimonials on people not losing weight but they are dropping dress sizes.

The reason why some people are not losing weight is because they are actually building lean muscle.

You have to remember that lean muscle weighs more than fat.

When you have more lean muscle being created you are actually turning your body into a fat burning machine.

This is one of the benefits of drinking Javita weight loss coffee and tea.

This is a really good thing because now your body can burn fat at a higher rate than normal.

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Javita Coffee and Tea Revolution

Javita Coffee and Tea Revolution is Coming in Full Force


It was my first time sharing my testimony in front of a very large group.

Some of Our most awesome Top Leaders were there, Dr. Chi and Carla Vargas.

Even our CEO and Founder of Javita, Stan Cherelstein, was there to support us.

What CEO does that for his company?

Most CEO’s are behind a desk letting everyone else take care of things.

Not Stan Cherelstein!

He is in the trenches with us to fight the good fight for Health and Wellness!

I am forever grateful for his vision of helping all of us get healthy and wealthy.


I was so nervous and was having a difficult time sharing my story with everyone in the room.

Every time I share my testimony I cannot help but to get emotional because Javita has truly changed our lives forever.

But I did it any way and I got through it!

I had just conqured my worst fear, public speaking in front of a large crowd and I did not even know it.

I was overwhelmed with, the support, the teamwork, the LOVE…

Whether you are ready or not, make no mistake about it!

We are coming and we are going to change peoples lives forever.

There are many skeptics out there that do not believe in our product.



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Javita Coffee and How it Worked For Me


So it has been 3 months since I started drinking Javita Coffee Burn+Control.

I am now down 21 lbs!!!

I did not change a thing.

I did little to no exercise.

I ate the same way I do.

Here is my day everyday.

Wake up, brush teeth, take shower, drink a glass of water, make my cup of Javita Coffee and take the dogs out to do their business, lol.

Take a sip of my awesomely, beneficial, deliciously rich coffee, ahh.

Then I look up with a big smile and thank GOD for giving me another day to enjoy and everything else he blessed me with in my life.

No breakfast, Lunch Truck food (burritos, tacos, etc.), Dinner.

I drink about three to four bottles of water throughout the day.

Drink one glass of water before bed.

Then I repeat the next day.

That is it!

You see, let me explain how Javita coffee works inside of your body.

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JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee in Baldwin Park

JAVITA Weight Loss Coffee in Baldwin Park is Here!



Look no further!

You found it!!!

Do you know any one that drinks coffee and tea?

If you don’t drink either one, do you know people who do?

There is a huge market out there.

I mean everywhere you look you look nowadays you see coffee.

It’s a habit that most of us have and will never deviate from it.

Wake up, get ready for work, make a cup of joe and off to work.

Can you relate?

So why not drink coffee that has benefits that will not only give you the energy you need to start your day but also gets you healthy from the inside out.

Our gourmet coffee is made from the same premium coffee out there at those famous establishments that found everywhere.

McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, Burger King, Starbucks…

It’s Arabica and Robusta coffee beans!

Can you smell the aroma coming from your favorite mug?  Sip.  Ahhh.

Oh yes, I did.

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