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How to Lose Weight Naturally with Javita

How to Lose Weight Naturally with Javita


How to lose weight naturally with Javita seems tough but it really isn’t.

You see, because Javita uses 100% All Natural Ingredients, it’s naturally good for you.

With the proven herbs infused into our coffee and tea, your body will thank you.

No doubt if you eat right and exercise regularly you will lose weight naturally but

Meet our cast of All-Stars!

Garcinia Cambogia – the Fat Slayer!

Yerba Mate – the Metabolism Booster!

Green Tea – the Antioxidant Gifter!

Gymnema Sylvestre – the Blood Sugar Regulator!

With these Super-Herbs, nothing can stop their Super-Powers.

Combined with Gourmet Coffee, “Arabica and Robusta” and the “Napa Valley” of Green Tea, they are an unstoppable team!

You get the cream of the crop, the best of the best, high quality products which are manufactured in the USA in an FDA Compliant Facility!

All this, plus Gluten Free and Kosher Certified!

We don’t skimp out on Quality when it comes to your Health.

Drink Javita Coffee and Javita Tea daily and it will turn you body into a Fat Busting Machine, Naturally!

Here’s my personal routine.

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Javita Coffee is More Than Just your Average Joe

Javita Coffee is More Than Just your Average Joe


Javita Coffee is more than just your average JOE!

And if you don’t know, when I say JOE, I am talking about Regular Coffee.

There is a difference when you are trying to compare the two.

Let me break it down for you.

When you hear Weight Loss Coffee, most people look at your with disbelief.

They are confused because those words do not belong together.

How in the world can you lose weight with Coffee?

There is more to it than just coffee which I will fill you in later.

People also make statements like, “it probably does not taste pleasant.”

I love how people make the assumption without even trying it.

Well let’s turn that Disbelief into Belief!

If you have not tried, you cannot judge.

Haven’t you heard of that saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!?”

Here’s the honest truth.

I have tried other so called weight loss coffee’s, weight loss teas only to find that it tastes awful, makes your stomach turn and give you the runs.

What a way to ruin a day, hahaha!

On top of that it is NOT made in the USA.

Go figure.

I am sure that most of the other weight loss coffee’s and weight loss teas out there are not even legal.

And who know how they manufacture the products.

I can safely say all these things because I have tried everything out there and they were just disappointments.

And then I found Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea!

The disappointments were no more!

Here’s why.

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How to Get Discounted Javita Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

How to Get Discounted Javita Coffee, Tea and Cocoa


I am going to show you how to get discounted javita coffee, tea and cocoa in this post.

How much of a discount you say?

How’s $25 a box sound compared to retail $45 a box?

Buying Javita products online through a Distributor Website can save you some serious coin.

Anywhere between $10 to $20 off retail price depending on how many boxes you buy.

I know everyone is always looking for that extra discount on the same product.

And when they do find that discount it is not what they expected.

They find something for a lower price only to find it is not the same products at all or it is expired.

I use to run into these situations all the time before but now I always do my research.

Why research?

To make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you want quality products you can trust is fresh and authentic, you need to get Javita Products Directly from a Distributor Website.

I have done the research on Javita’s Company and Ingredients.

This is the real deal.

There are no harmful chemicals in Javita’s Products.

When they state 100% All Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free and Kosher Certified, they mean it!

I did the research on all of the ingredients on the boxes of the Javita Burn+Control Weight Loss Coffee, Javita Lean+Green Weight Loss Tea, Javita Energy+Mind Coffee, Javita FocusFusion Cocoa.

Whatever it shows on the box, that is exactly what you get.

Not to mention that Javita Products are Manufactured in the USA in an FDA compliant Facility!

If you don’t believe me, that is fine.

Go do your research and you will see that the herbs that are infused into our prouducts have been used time and time again.

Would you rather take pills for the rest of your life?

No thanks, no pills for me.

I already drink coffee, tea and cocoa.

I might as well drink coffee, tea and cocoa with the benefits of some powerful herbs that will get you healthier from the inside out.

So stop buying Starbucks and those McCafe Coffees.

You get nothing from those other Coffees.

All they do is make you fat.

I am sure there are some of you who will not stop drinking Starbucks or McCafe and that is fine.

You do whatever floats your boat.


Do you know what’s in your Pumpkin Spice Latte?

I am just saying.

You do know we use the same gourmet coffee beans as the big guys right?

Arabica, Robusta ring a bell?

Ok, now let’s get down to the knitty gritty on how we can save you more moolah on some Super Coffee, Tea and Cocoa!

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How to Start Your Own Online Javita Coffee Shop Business

How to Start Your Own Online Javita Coffee Shop Business

The video below will provide you with some information about the company, the products and most importantly, The Opportunity of a Life Time!

Change Your Coffee, Change Your Life! from Edward Gaviola on Vimeo.

So you want to learn how to start your own online Javita coffee shop business.

You have come to the right place!

When you have the right product, the right price and the outstanding support, it’s a no brainer!

Timing is everything!

Every succcessful business started small.

McDonalds, Starbucks, Amway, Herbal Life, Monavie, just to name a few.

Look at where they are now.

Javita Coffee Company is quickly picking up speed with it’s record breaking sales every month!

More and more people are discovering and experiencing the benefits of drinking Javita!

And to those who made the decision to join as Members now will be on the fast track to success because they see the vision of the company and where it is headed.

While others are still thinking about it, the few are joining now because they see the Global GIANT about to wake up.

Don’t be part of the many who said “I will think about it.”

Do you what happens when you say, I will think about it?

Thinking about it turns into a day, then a week, then a month, then a year, then several years, then you start kicking yourself wishing you had started when you were first introduced to it.

But because you wanted to think about it, five years have passed, you missed the opportunity and you are stuck working for the rest of your life making someone elses dreams true instead of yours.

Everyone deserves Time Freedom which Javita can provide.

Javita provides all the tools, the training, the support from our top leaders in the business.

When you join Javita and become a Member you are getting more than just a huge discount on your life changing product, you are taking your life back and creating the life you always dreamed of.

Here are some of the benefits fo Joining Javita as a Member.

  • You get life changing products at huge discounts including access to bulk orders.
  • You get all the tools you need to get started on your business.
  • You get the support from the Company as well as Team Members.
  • You get 4 websites for FREE, one of which is your personal business back office where everything is at your fingertips 24/7!
  • You get access to Facebook Javita Support Group pages where you ask for help or ask questions.
  • You get access to Income Bonuses and Incentives which include Ipad, BMW Cash Bonus (only for Star Business Packs or Star Business Elite Packs)

Javita is not just another Coffee Company, it’s a Family that cares about the well being of many people who need our help.

To be able to get someone healthy just by changing their regular cup of coffee and not changing a thing is amazing.

Most of us already drink coffee and tea on a regular basis and most of us will not ever stop drinking coffee or tea.

Why not drink something…

  • …that will help you get healthy.
  • …that will help you lose weight.
  • …that will help you get off some of your medications, if not all.
  • …that will help you lower your bad cholesterol.
  • …that will help you regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • …that will help you with your memory and focus.
  • …that will help you with your fatigue.

There are so many positive testimonials out there from Customers and Members, it’s overwhelming.

Read our Personal Testimonials HERE.

Do you know anyone that would benefit from Javita Coffee Company Products?

This the reason I share this with everyone I know and everyone I don’t know.

There is always someone out there that is looking for something, a way out from their current situation no matter what the situation may be.

Javita is more than a Coffee Company.

Javita is HOPE for so many people around the world.

“We are HOPE dealers!” -Dr. Chi

Javita is changing the lives of many, one cup at a time and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful Company!

Thank you Stan Cherelstein for this Blessing!

Ready to take charge of your life and take what you deserve?  CLICK HERE.

Want to read more about our life changing products?  CLICK HERE.

Hope this shed some light on how to start your own online Javita coffee shop business.

Take Care and GOD bless!