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Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea Review

Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea Review


Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea Review is Here!

Check out my last post on the benefits that are infused into this perfect cup of tea!

We ordered when it was released Monday 1/26/15!

It just came in as expected today!

So excited to get this post going.

Let’s get to it shall we.

First thing I noticed is size of the box when I opened the shipping box.

When you put it side by side with the Burn + Control box, it is like a little more than half the height.

What do you expect right?

These are Tea Sachets we are talking about.



The Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea box was wrapped in plastic.

Once I removed the plastic wrap on the box, there was another seal on it which I cut with an exacto knife.

It was a little odd that there was two sealing processes but then again it could be for freshness since they are in sachets instead of sealed individual sticks like the other Javita products.

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Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea

Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea


Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea has been Released!

How exciting is this!!!

2015 New product release to start the year off right!

You know we all needed this.

It just like having a car.

You need to take it in to get an oil change.

Well, the body goes through the same thing.

Overtime, your body builds up toxins from the air you breathe, the water you drink and the food you eat.

You need to rid your body of those toxins so your body can function properly and more efficiently.

If your body is not at optimum performance, it may even cause you to even gain weight.

Well, the wait is over!

Javita has just released their new product, Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea!

What will Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea do for you?

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How To Save Money on Prescription Medications

How To Save Money on Prescription Medications


How To Save Money on Prescription Medications.

Everyone wants to save money on everything right!?

For me, when I hear the word Retail, my brain says, “see if you can find it cheaper somewhere else.”

For most people, they do the same thing.

They ask themselves, “Where can I get it for a better price?”

For the Rich people, they don’t even think about it.

They just get it no matter what the cost is because simply, they have the money.

It would be nice if we all could do that, but for most, it is all about saving money.

They are millions of people around the world who take medications for illness or diseases.

Why do they take medications?

Because life happens, that’s why.

People get caught up in it, eating what they want and doing what they want because it makes then happy or comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong now.

Being happy and going through life easy is something most people enjoy because of how it makes them feel.

But what happens when we go through life without being educated on the consequences of our actions today?

Not many people even think about the consequences.

People take that shortcut, the easy way out to avoid pain.

But what people don’t realize is that what we do today will affect us in the future.

Take a moment and think about what you ate yesterday, the day before that, the week before that.

It adds up, right.

And we don’t even realize it.

Before we know it we are paying the price for not eating healthy and not exercising enough.

How are we paying the price by not living healthy?

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