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With GOD All Things Are Possible

With GOD All Things Are Possible


With GOD All Things Are Possible! – Matthew 19:26

I had to make a decision in my life that would change the course of mine.

But I was not worried because I knew GOD had a plan for me.

He knows best.

I had been working for “Company A” for several years giving my all since day one.

I was proud of what I did and how I worked.

If they asked for 100% effort, I would give them 110%.

I know it is not possible to give 110% but you know what I mean.

I would never turn a job down and never complain.

I just got it done right the first time and as fast as possible because what I do matters.

That is how I carried myself at this job.

As the years past, I started to notice that the workplace had a certain uneasiness in the environment.

It was a negative feeling I got from almost everyone I worked with.

Although they were hard working individuals who worked just as hard as myself at their own job, they seemed unhappy.

Not an environment I want to be around in.

I then noticed drastic changes happening.

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Remembering My Childhood

Remembering My Childhood


I remember a time when I was just in my Diaper, no clothes and barefoot.

Obviously, I was very young and I have no idea how I remember this but it very vivid in my mind.

I was playing outside and around a street sign in the front yard while my parents were outside cleaning the yard.

I was walking, jumping, stomping around a sand hill that was surrounding the street sign pole with one hand holding the pole, smiling and happy as can be.

I thought to myself this is fun, as any young child would say, right.

Then I felt something on me.

It started from my feet to my legs then to my body.

It was a weird feeling but I thought nothing of it.

It felt like small vibrations from my feet all the way up to my body and then I started feeling pinching all over.

I did not know what was going on.

I looked down and saw my body was covered with all of these small dots moving around on me.

At my age I did not know what it was.

Then I screamed at the top of my lungs because of the pinching.

My parents rushed to me and realized what had happened.

I was stomping and playing on a red ant hill.

My dad brought me closer to the house.

We were still in the front yard.

And you know what my dad did!?

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