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This page is dedicated to all things JAVITA!

I wanted to created this page to make it easier to find your JAVITA info fix all in one place.


Because that is how I roll, WORD!

Enjoy My Friends and let’s spread the word!  Javita is changing lives, one cup at a time!

I cannot say this enough, JAVITA is more than a Weight Loss Coffee and Tea.

The Benefits of drinking Javita daily is Incredible!

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Let’s get to it, shall we!

JAVITA COMPANY – everything you need to know about the company that is revolutionizing the industry!

The Javita, Life Changing, Product Lineup

JAVITA ENERGY+MIND COFFEE – the new meaning for brain food!

JAVITA BURN+CONTROL WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE – natural weight loss coffee without changing your life!

JAVITA LEAN+GREEN WIEGHT LOSS GREEN TEA – enhanced green tea that does more than help you lose weight!

JAVITA FOCUS FUSION COCOA – COMING THIS FALL!!!  Stay tuned. (Update: 10/27/2014 Released)

JAVITA HERBAL CLEANSE TEA – JUST RELEASED (01/26/2015) – ready to give your body an oil change!? this is how you get rid of the toxin buildup in your body so your body can absorb the nutrients your body needs more efficiently and help you lose those pounds and inches!

JAVITA ACTIVEBLENDZ – 100% All Natural, Gluten FREE and SUGAR FREE!  Need I say more?  Compare your favorite flavored water and you see that it does not even come close!

JAVITA ACTIVEBLENDZ FIBER+ – JUST RELEASED (1/1/2016)  New Javita Product Review coming soon!  Stay Tuned!

JAVITA PRODUCT FAQ – have more questions about our products?  Check out this page which has the most Frequently Asked Questions at your fingertips!

Javita Products “DO” Change Lives

OUR PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS – this is why we share, because it truly is life changing!

JAVITA DIAMOND CLUB WHY’s – the reason why we do what we do!

Ordering Products Made Easy

STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO ORDER JAVITA WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE AND TEA – oh yes I did!  This is how you save money on the best coffee and tea in the world!

Did Somebody Say FREE

Get your Javita for FREE – all it takes is Three!

Easy peesy!  This is how….

When you sign up to order your Javita Coffee or Tea make sure you select Preferred Customer and select a product with Autoship.

Just a reminder that Autoship Date can be moved or cancelled at any time.  You are not locked in. This is just a convienient way to get your boxes ordered and delivered without having to order again manually.

Once you complete that step all you have to do now is get Three People to sign up the same way you did.

For Example, You sign up as a Preferred Customer with Two Boxes on Autoship.  You sign up Andrea, Bill and Carla and they all sign up as Preferred Customers with Two Boxes on Autoship.

Boom! That’s it!

You get your free COFFEE or TEA, woohoo!

Who doesn’t like FREE COFFEE or TEA!?

Especially with all of the Benefits that come with drinking it!



Changing the lives of many just by changing their cup of coffee or tea to Javita!

Who do you know that could benefit from these Amazing Products!?

A Family Member, A Friend, A Coworker!?

Who do you know that is looking for TIME FREEDOM to spend with the Family instead of spending most of their time at work!?

We are dedicated to helping others get Healthy and Wealthy with Javita!

When you Join Us at Javita you will have access to all Team Member Facebook Pages as well as the Support of not just the company but the Support of all of our Members no matter where you are in the world!

We are going worldwide and we are going to be a household name in the near future.

When you Join Javita Coffee Company, you are Joining a Family that will help you reach your goals, your dreams, your freedom!

We are a three year old company and we are growing fast!

The ones who benefit are the ones who get in early, the ones who TAKE ACTION!

The timing is perfect right now!


Get started on your Journey now and reap the benefits of freedom with Javita!

You will not be doing this alone because we work as a Team!

If you have the Desire, the Drive, the Vision to go after your Freedom and do whatever it takes, you can make it a reality!

Just Believe in yourself.

Take the limits of yourself and cast away all of those fears.

The fears are what holds most of us back from reach our dreams.

We get too comfortable where we are at, instead of challenging ourselves everyday.

This is the reason why most of us are still working the regular 9-5.

If you ask me, I am not working for the rest of my life for someone else.

I WILL BECOME A DIAMOND and No one can stop me!!!

Time to SHARE!



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