How to Save Money on Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea

How to Save Money on Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea


I am going to show you how to save money on Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea.

As an Independent Member of Javita we are required to sell our products at retail price for a sealed complete box at $45 which includes 24 individual instant packets.

You may see it on Ebay or Amazon for much lower which is against Javita Policy for Members.

But be wary of these cheaper prices at these sites.

Especially those who do not sell it in the original sealed boxes or those who sell as samples.

For one, you do not know if it is fresh or expired.

Our products have an expiration date at the bottom of our boxes.

They do not have expiration dates on the individual packets.

So you are taking a chance on the freshness and effectiveness of our products.

If you want fresh products, it is much better getting it through a Member of Javita directly or through the members online coffee shop website.

The good thing is that we provide an option to save some money as well as provide convenience.

That option is ordering on our online coffee shop!

You can save anywhere between $10 to $15 a box depending of how many boxes your are ordering.

Here is a guide to give you more perspective on how much you save when ordering online versus paying retail.

Buy 1 box on autoship you save $10 on your order.

Buy 2 boxes on autoship you save $20 on your order.

Buy 4 boxes on autoship you save $60 on your order.

The more you buy the more you save!

Even at retail price at $45 a box which breaks down to $1.88 a cup you are still saving compared to your regular cup of coffee.

So you know you are saving even more money when buy more!

Think about it.

How much do you spend on your regular cup of coffee everyday?

Does it give you the Benefits that our coffee and tea provide?

Does it help you lose weight, control your appetite, lower your cholesterol, balance your blood sugar, give you energy without the crash, help with diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, mental focus and clarity, help reduce varicose veins..

I think not.

I can go on and on with all of the testimonials but you can do the research and see why our products are the best out there.

Check out some of the Testimonials HERE.

You can also check out our Testimonials HERE.

Your already drinking coffee and tea everyday.

Why not make the switch to Javita and Save Money while reaping the Benefits of our products?

Nothing can be compared, not even close.

Just a note that you can only get the discount when you sign up as a Preferred Customer on Autoship.

Not only will you get the discount on your products, you will also get your very own Online Coffee Shop for you to share with Family and Friends.

The best part about it is that your Website is completely FREE!  No annual fees, ever!


Autoship is something that I noticed that scares some people.

When they hear or read Autoship, people automatically assume that they are locked in.

This is so NOT true.

Let me explain.

Autoship is a way of not only saving you money but it also saves you time and you don’t have to worry about running out of your products.

You just put your order in once and it will automatically ship your product or products the following month around the same time.

So say you place your order on October 16.

Your next order would get shipped out November 16.

You can also move the date for you next shipment if you are not done with your product or cancel at anytime if you feel it is not for you.

Hope this clears up some confusion on what Autoship really is.

I get calls all the time from prospects wanting to order from my website but they get lost in the process.

I can understand and respect that.

I know for some people it is challenging and for others it is simple.

I wanted to post this to help those people who are new to ordering online through the ordering process.

I will also drop some tips for you so you have a better understanding on how to navigate during the ordering process.

From here on, it will be a step by step process that will help you place your order.

Ready?  Here we go!


There two websites where you can get started on placing your order from.

On one website you will need to click on the “Continue” button and then it will scroll down and you will see an “Order Now” button, click it.



On the other website you will  see the “ORDER TODAY!” button, click it.


A window will pop up for you to select the country your are currently located at.


Once you find your country, click it.

You will then be sent to the Product Order Page.


Select the Product Kit you would like to order.

If a kit is not your style, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you can select a single box product, click it.


Once you select your product you will need to fill out some basic information for delivery of your products.

Birth Date is Optional.

You can leave it blank if you like.


There will be a part on the customer order form towards the bottom of the page that will need an email and password.

This will give you back office access to Login

After filling in your email and password information, now it’s time for creating your very own website URL that you can share with family and friends if they decide they want to try the products.

If you help 3 Family members or Friends you can get your products for FREE.

More info on this is provided when you order.

Or you can go HERE.

You can name it anything you would like as long as it is one word with no spaces.

Here is an Example.

My website name is

If you wanted something like, good coffee, it would need to be put together like this: goodcoffee

Then your website would look something like this,

After you are done, click the “Continue” button.

Make sure that there is a check mark on the box for “Make this Order an Autoship” then click the “Continue” button.


Verify the Shipping address and click the “Ship to this Address” button.

If you want to Ship to a different address click the “+Add a New Address” button.


Select the Delivery option and click the “Continue” button.


Check you shopping cart and make sure everything is correct.

This page will also show you next Autoship scheduled date.

Fill in your Payment information and click the “Accept Payment” button and your done.


You will get an email notification on your order.

If you have any more concerns, questions or need extra help on placing your order, you can contact me HERE by clicking the “Get Started Today” button.



Fill in your information and I will contact you immediately.

Hopefully this helps out many people that may be having a little difficulty ordering the best coffee and tea in the world!

Now you know How to Save Money on Javita Weight Loss Coffee and Tea.


Thank you for making that choice to take control of your life and get healthy by changing your cup of coffee or tea to Javita!

Drop a comment below!

I would love to hear your comments on this post or answer any questions you may have.

You can also check us out on Facebook HERE!

GOD Bless you all!

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