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Colors of The Wind

Colors of The Wind

And yes, I was referencing the Pocahontas Song, lol.

One of many favorite Disney Movies that I watch with my family!

I figured this would be a good title for this post.

I know you know me with promoting Javita, and I still do, since day one, but I wanted to share with you my other passion.

A newly discovered passion that I had no idea was going to end up like what it is today.

If you follow me, you should already know.

If you don’t, can you guess what else I do with most of my time?


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With GOD All Things Are Possible

With GOD All Things Are Possible


With GOD All Things Are Possible! – Matthew 19:26

I had to make a decision in my life that would change the course of mine.

But I was not worried because I knew GOD had a plan for me.

He knows best.

I had been working for “Company A” for several years giving my all since day one.

I was proud of what I did and how I worked.

If they asked for 100% effort, I would give them 110%.

I know it is not possible to give 110% but you know what I mean.

I would never turn a job down and never complain.

I just got it done right the first time and as fast as possible because what I do matters.

That is how I carried myself at this job.

As the years past, I started to notice that the workplace had a certain uneasiness in the environment.

It was a negative feeling I got from almost everyone I worked with.

Although they were hard working individuals who worked just as hard as myself at their own job, they seemed unhappy.

Not an environment I want to be around in.

I then noticed drastic changes happening.

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The Secret is to Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The Secret is to Be Aware of Your Surroundings, Literally!


What does this mean in terms of being successful in business?

Look around you and notice the people you are around you at home, at work, at a party.

Are they negative people or are they positive people?

Do they LIFT you up or do they bring you DOWN?

Think about it.

There are two kinds of ENERGY that everyone has inside of them.

There is Positive Energy and there is Negative Energy.

Positive Energy People are the ones that life you up and are happy and grateful for everything life has to offer no matter how bad it gets.  They always find a way to smile and get the good out of it.

Negative Energy People are the ones that put you down and are always complaining about something no matter how big or how small it is.  They always find something wrong about anything.

What kind of people are around you more often?

What kind of person are you?

There is one thing that makes people so successful.

Do you know what it is?

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Overcoming Your Biggest Business Obstacles

What was your Biggest Business Obstacles and How Do you Overcome them?

We all have Obstacles in life that get in our way but what about Business Obstacles?

What do you do when you come across one in your life or business?

Do you look for the easy way out?

Of course you do!

When you try to get around it does it always go your way?

Not all the time.

What do you do next?

Try something else right?

When you are trying to start a Business Online it is tough to do it alone.

If you really want to start a Business Online and want to create that lifestyle you have always imagined, wouldn’t you do whatever it takes to make it work?

It’s a no Brainer.

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Business Shortcuts

Business Shortcuts – Does it Help or Hinder your Business?

Sometimes a shortcut is not the best way to get things done right, especially in a Business.

You will see why after reading this little excerpt from my life that just happened recently.

So my family and I were on our way to Target to get a birthday present for a party we were going to the same day.

I was waiting for the light to turn green for my left turn into the parking lot.

So I look around my surrounding see a lady with her two kids (one in stroller and one about 5 years old walking next to her) about to cross the street in front of me.

The light for pedestrians says go and the count down begins.

Now sidewalks have a ramp to go down to street level for people who rely on wheeled mobility.

I know this is more for people in wheel chairs but in this case, people with strollers could also use it to make it easy for them to go down to the street level.

Instead of going down the provided ramp just a few a foot or two away to make it easy for her she decides try to just go over the curb with the stroller and take the shortcut.

This is when my heart started pumping as I was worried for the worst about the child in the stroller.

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