Lose Weight Fast With Javita ActiveBlendz Fiber+

Lose Weight Fast With Javita ActiveBlendz Fiber+


Start your New Year off with Javita ActiveBlendz Fiber+!

Could it get any better than this.

I am going to show you how to lose weight fast with this system and keep it off.

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There are things that are given to help you on your way to losing weight fast.


Let be real here.  From what I have learned you can not keep eating the wrong things and expect a positive outcome.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Let me give you a few examples.

When you are thirsty, ditch the soda pop and go for good old clean, cold refreshing water.

When you feel like snacking, don’t go for the chips and cookies.

Instead reach for an apple or celery sticks and dip in peanut butter.

Eat more vegetables and less red meat.

You don’t have to starve yourself on a diet.

You can eat as much as 5 times a day as long as you have portion control.

It is easier for your body to breakdown and absorb the nutrients and your body will be in a state of constant fat burning.

Over eat at one sitting and you body will not be able to keep up with processing the food and then it will go into fat storage mode.


It is a given fact that your body is made up of 80% water.

You need to replenish your body constantly.

Water helps wake up and activate your bodies functionality.

It’s like constantly giving yourself an oil change to flush out all of the toxins from your body.

Now I am not telling to drink water like a camel.

I am simply saying stay hydrated at all times.

Especially after a workout since you lose a good amount of water while you exercise.


Be more active and exercise to lose weight fast.

If you want to stay limber and keep you metabolism running at full speed to burn fat more efficiently, you need to exercise daily.

You need to make it a lifestyle change.

Not I can exercise here and there whenever you feel like it.

Here are a few examples of adding some exercise in your daily routine.

Stop looking for the close parking spot and park away from the crowd where it is open.

Doing this will add a few extra steps to get where you need to go.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

This is a good way to add steps in your day as well.

Walking to your destinations instead of driving.

This goes for local destinations not a trip to Las Vegas, ok.

Sorry, I could  not help myself.

Doing these simple things will certainly help you lose the weight.

Do you know what else you can do to help accelerate the weight loss process?

Add Javita to your Weight Loss Plan!

As simple as changing your cup to Javita, you can lose weight fast.

Not only will you be able to lose the weight fast, you will be able to keep it off with these products.

Here is a 3 step guide to using our products to help you on your “weigh” to a better you.

See what I did there?  Hahaha.


Drink two cups of Javita Burn + Control Gourmet Coffee in the morning.  This will help boost your metabolism to burn off the fat more efficiently and effectively.


Drink one cup Javita ActiveBlendz  Fiber+ before two of your largest meals.  This will keep you fuller and help you to not over eat.


Drink one cup of Javita Herbal Cleanse Tea in the evening, up to 3 times a week, to help flush out those toxins in your body.


Drink Javita Lean + Green Tea before bed and burn the fat while you sleep.  This is optional.

There you have it!

Follow this guide along with eating right, exercise and drinking plenty of water and you will lose weight fast.

This year is your year, OWN IT!

Let’s do this together and make this year a year to remember.

The year you made a change, a commitment to become a better you than yesterday!

Make each day count and give it your best and you will succeed.

And while you helping yourself to become better you, why not help a family member or a friend and share this page.

You will never know whose life you will change by simply sharing this information.

Be blessing to someone you love and care about and share this with them.

It changed our lives.

I am here to help you change yours!


Eddie G, Signing out!

Love you all!


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