and Hulme’s Coffee Shop Who? and Hulme’s Coffee Shop Who?


That moment when you find yourself promoting someone else’s products.

I was drinking my cup of Javita Burn+Control Gourmet Coffee yesterday morning as I do everyday.

I wanted to write a blog post about the New Javita ActiveBlendz Products.

I was brainstorming ideas for my post.

I do the usual research to see what is new in the Javita world.

I take great pride in what I do and how I carry myself and how I want to be represented.

When someone see’s my picture I want them to remember me as someone who helped them with their situation no matter what it was.

Someone who cares and someone they can trust.

I often do searches on my full name just to see what results I get and to make sure everything that is on the web is current and accurate to what I represent.

Of course the world wide web and a playing ground for some to do mischievous things.

Guess what I found when I did a google search on my full name, Edward Gaviola?

It was outrageous!

 I found a website article at ( with my picture and my testimony for Javita twisted to their liking.


Strike one!

Next I found they stated I was from Hulme’s Coffee Shop.

Aca-scuse me!?

I have not even heard of this Coffee Shop.

Not only that, I found the link for Hulme’s Coffee Shop was pointing to a different website which was mentioned above my false testimony.

I did my own research on the coffee shop and found it.

Strike two!

The title of the article is posted as, “EXPERT COFFEE ADVICE FROM COFFEE CULTURE EXPERT

This is what it states below that,

We have asked a number of coffee expert one of the questions that we frequently get from out visitors. The questions is: “Would you be able to tell me what your number one “Coffee Secret or coffee trick” is?”

See all the exciting secrets below!

I seriously do not remember anyone interviewing me or asking me such a question.

And then it hit me, like Britney’s song, “Hit Me Baby One More Time!”

And this website/company is really “Killing me.”

Someone did ask me a similar question.

It was a stranger from Google Hangouts.

Strike three!

Your OUT!!!

Seriously, get outta here!

This person by the name of Pie Clemente contacted me.

Check it out.


I smell FRAUD, don’t you.

I have no idea if this person is real or if she is a fictional character made up to collect information and cause a ruckus!

From the looks of it she likes Coffee,  Justin Timberlake and is from the Philippines.

Who knows what else is made up.

Newbeans and Hulme’s Coffee Shop are both from the UK!

Talk about being dishonest about their statements and who they supposedly talked to.

I would not be surprised at all if the people in this article are victims as well.

If you notice someone you know on this site, please let them know.

As you all know by now, I reside in the US in the state of California.

I can tell you this, I have not used my passport in years, let alone visit the United Kingdom.

Although I would of loved to meet the hilarious Mr. BEAN!

At the time of this post I have already demanded that my picture and false testimony be removed from the website and other parties immediately.

I will do a follow up post if there was any resolution.

I have tried contacting both the Newbeans website and the Hulme’s Coffee Shop.

This is what I wrote to “Newbeans,”

I am simply outrage when I came across your website using, without my permission, my photo and my testimony modified to your benefit.  I was not interviewed by anyone from your website or Hulme’s Coffee Shop nor do I know anyone for that matter from the UK.  You are setting a really bad example to your customers showing them your dishonesty on the false statements your company have made on your site.  How can customers trust your company when the values are thrown out the door!?  I am from the US and I pride myself on who I represent.  I certainly do not represent your dishonest company.  Please remove my picture and my modified testimony from your website immediately before I take further action to have this resolved.  Please contact me asap at as soon as it has been removed.  I will be checking this site tomorrow to make sure it was taken care of.  I will also be contacting Hulme’s Coffee Shop of this reckless incident.

Turns out that contact forms do not work.

It gives me a unable to submit response.

I did find a sales email.

So I sent it via Gmail.


I don’t mean to put this company on blast but I feel I need to clear my name of any misleading representation and show how dishonest this company is.

Do not buy from them!

How can trust anything they say on that site!?

I know I don’t trust them.

To set the record straight, I only represent and promote Javita Coffee.

Let this be a lesson learned for all the other companies out there.

False and deceptive information is not a good look.

Especially when you are trying gain your customers trust.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s party with some Uptown Funk!



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