With GOD All Things Are Possible

With GOD All Things Are Possible


With GOD All Things Are Possible! – Matthew 19:26

I had to make a decision in my life that would change the course of mine.

But I was not worried because I knew GOD had a plan for me.

He knows best.

I had been working for “Company A” for several years giving my all since day one.

I was proud of what I did and how I worked.

If they asked for 100% effort, I would give them 110%.

I know it is not possible to give 110% but you know what I mean.

I would never turn a job down and never complain.

I just got it done right the first time and as fast as possible because what I do matters.

That is how I carried myself at this job.

As the years past, I started to notice that the workplace had a certain uneasiness in the environment.

It was a negative feeling I got from almost everyone I worked with.

Although they were hard working individuals who worked just as hard as myself at their own job, they seemed unhappy.

Not an environment I want to be around in.

I then noticed drastic changes happening.


Not a good sign if you asked me.

People I have worked with for so long starting to leave to a new job or they got laid off.

These were people who have worked for the company for a long time.

I saw Management getting smaller and smaller as the days go by.

It finally hit me when a coworker told me that they saw the President of the Company being escorted out.

That’s when I knew I need find something more stable.

It was nice to be close to work just taking streets and only taking 5 Minutes to get there.

I met some really good people and made friendships with my coworkers.

But it was time to say good bye and move on.

I left “Company A” in May of 2014 to start a new Job at “Company B”.

Unfortunately, it only lasted 3 months.

I was laid off at the end of the month, Aug 2014.

I applied for EDD since I was still looking for a job.

While looking for a job I was also doing business on Ebay selling goods which helped to keep us a float.

I have been doing business on Ebay for several years already.

I got really good at selling stuff on Ebay and making a good profit on it too.

I just recently got “Top Rated Power Seller” mid March 2015!

This was a huge accomplishment on my part and I was proud of it.

I also had my Javita business on my side which helped me as well.

6 months passed and still did not hear anything from all the interviews I went to.

I did not give up and kept my head up high and prayed to GOD for help.

Ask and you shall receive.

Then I got my last EDD check notice March 2015.

It stated that this is the last check I will be receiving.

I was not worried since I knew GOD had something for me around the corner.

Then I got the call that same week.

I accepted.

I was Hired March 25, 2015!

Two Days before my Birthday!

On my Birthday, the greetings were overwhelming and I felt that this was the topping on the cake!

Thank you all for the greetings and the prayers for helping me overcome this financial struggle.

Just simply Amazing how GOD worked out everything and it all fell into place.

Thank you GOD for your blessings!

Love you All.

Take care and GOD bless you All!

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